One of the reasons why Fibroids grow in women is related to intake of so much processed food. Same has limited the capacity of their body to function well especially when it comes to pregnancy/fertility issues.

It is important that the health of the female reproductive system is maintained to enable the ovaries secrete the right level of hormones to avoid miscarriages and some diseases associated with the ovaries such as menstrual cycle disorder, ovarian cancer etc.

Taking the Royal Jelly today does have the following benefits to everywoman:

·         Makes you feel and look younger (anti-ageing).

·         Maintains a healthy reproductive system.

·         Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure in circulation causing improved fertility

·         Increases the size of the blood vessel that nourishes and prepares the womb.

·         Increases internal energy and strength during sex and in pregnancy.

·         Maintains good blood sugar level.

·         Aid bone, tissue growth and repairs etc.

·         Eliminates stress and discomfort of menopausal syndrome.


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