Forever Bee Propolis, a Greek name meaning “before the city”, which signifies defense from external threat, has a 5000 years history. It was used by the Greeks to maintain good health. The Forever Bee Propolis contains 22 amino acids, B-complex vitamins and fortified with royal jelly which also helps maintain a healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It excellently supports the body’s natural defense. Forever Bee Propolis having been gathered from pollution free regions offers the following benefits when taken;

1.       Excellent immune booster.

2.       Its defensive nature combats the negative effect of free radicals preventing Fibroids from growing.

3.       It contains 22 amino acid and B-complex vitamins which helps eliminate symptoms like back/leg pain, painful intercourse, leaving the body rejuvenated and buzzing with life.

4.       It’s 100% natural.

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